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  Registered and founded on October 18,1993,Mudanjiang Lingtai Pharmaceuticals Co.,Ltd has total shares of 50 million yuan(RMB).The company is staffed with 590 employees and among which there are all sorts of technical personnel of 160.By the end of 2005,the enterprise’s total capital stood at 160 million yuan.The company occupies a land are of 45,000syuare meters. The plant building covers 15,000 square meters. The number of production equipment is over 700 stations(sets).

  Having pursued the main business of cultivating the famous and precious Chinese herbs,developing new TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) product varieties and nurturing TCM name brands, the company adopts the direction of developing the northem drugs and attaches equal importance to both the Chinese and western medicines. There are currently 330 varieties of drugs. In December 2004, the company passed the national GMP certification. There are currently ten major formulations and seven production lines in operation. The present products include nearly 80 product categories, such as Kidney-nourishing & Brain-benefiting Tablet, Lingtai Bangni (Nimesulide), Selenious Yeast Tablets and Pediatric Anorexia Oral Juice,etc...

  The company found sales center in Beijing and 34 subsidiary offices in China. It sets up a stable business relationship with over 600 medical organizations and 2000 medical business companies in China which formed a complete marketing net.
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